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Click here for the Complete Rules For Members & Visitors

Rules For Members & Visitors (Abridged)

The fisheries open at 8.00am (6.30am during the midsummer period) and fishing is permitted only from that time until the closing time posted in the Fishing Lodge, but this is not later than one hour after sunset.

All anglers must enter their names in the catch register before starting to fish and complete the entry when they have finished fishing.

Bag limits are six fish on a day ticket and four fish on a half day ticket.

All sizeable trout must be retained (the minimum length is 10 inches), and not returned to the water: and no angler may continue to fish during any day after they have taken the limit of trout of takeable size.

No second permit can be issued after a limit bag has been taken.

Permit valid for one rod and line with artificial fly floating or sunk. Dapping with a blow line is allowed. Trolling of flies behind a moving boat, spinning, and threadline fishing involving the use of a controller or weight of any description attached to the line is not permitted. Ledgering on the bottom with sunk lines with static floating flies (booby flies) is not permitted. The line must not be left in the water unattended. Two droppers only in addition to the point fly are permitted.

Wading is permitted except on the dams but only up to the depth of thigh waders. Chest waders are not allowed.

No boat shall be brought within 50 metres of any bank fisher or within 50 metres of the dam and no boat shall be nearer than 40 metres to another boat.

No dogs, no radios and no litter.

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