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The Complete Rules For Members & Visitors

Tickets are issued by the Club only on the understanding that all Holders comply with the rules which have been drawn up to ensure the maximum enjoyment of the facilities provided.

No person may fish at the Club's waters without first having secured a permit of the Club valid for the occasion. In addition all anglers require the general trout licence which is issued by the Environment Agency and obtainable from the Bailiffs at the fishing lodge at Powdermill (Great Sanders). Alternatively, the National Rod Licence can be obtained from all main Post Offices.

Visitors may obtain a day ticket, which is valid for one day's fishing from the Bailiff or in their absence from the self-vending service at:-

The Fishing Lodge, Powdermill Water, Reservoir Lane, Sedlescombe, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 0PL.

(Tel: 01424 870498)

No second permit can be issued after a limit bag has been taken.
Annual Season Tickets are available for these waters and entitle the holder to fish up to 35 days in all during the season. Additional day permits may, however, be purchased at reduced rates as notified.

Application for Season Tickets should be made to:-
The Secretary, Mrs Mary Stacey, 3 Valleyside Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 5AD.

Booking of Boats
For Powdermill telephone Sedlescombe (01424) 870498 between 9.30 and 10.30a.m.

Anglers are admitted to the Water Authority and Club property entirely at their own risk and on the understanding that if they use boats they do so entirely at their own risk. The Water Authority and/or Club will not be liable for any injury to persons or damage to property, whether caused by the Water Authority's or Club's negligence, the negligence of their officers or servants, or otherwise. Anglers are further warned that the facing blocks on the dam are often slippery and that the bottoms of the waters are uneven and in many places consist of deep soft mud.

The use of buoyancy aids is strongly recommended for anglers using boats.

Car Park
Anglers should use only the free car park as provided.

Fishing Register
Anglers must enter their names clearly - with their initials - in the fishing register provided in the fishing lodge before going out to fish.

Time of Fishing
Except as notified during the midsummer period when fishing is permitted from 6.30 a.m., the fisheries open at 8.00 a.m. and fishing is permitted only from that time until the closing time posted in the Fishing Lodge, but this is not later than one hour after sunset.

Method of Fishing
Fishing is by fly only from bank or boat - See Rules 3(e) and (f).

Maximum Bag
Six trout - See Rule 3(c). Fishing must stop when this limit is reached.

Catch Return
At the conclusion of fishing all anglers are to record the result of their day's sport, including nil returns, in the Register which is kept in the Fishing Lodge.

Note: It is difficult for the Directors to improve the fishing if this Rule is not strictly complied with.

Quite apart from its great natural beauty, this lake is first and foremost a source of potable water for many thousands of households and should be treated as such. Dead coarse fish should be in no circumstances left on the banks or in the boats, but returned to the Fishing Lodge for disposal by the Bailiff. Refuse must be deposited in the containers provided and not left on the banks. Great care must be exercised in the use of boats particularly - they should not be drawn up on to the concrete dam. Leave the boat as you would wish to find it again.

1. Members:
On payment of the annual subscription such as will be announced by the Directors, each Member is entitled to:

(a) One annual non-transferable ticket allowing them to fish on any day during the Season between the hours of 8.00 a.m. and the time posted in the Fishing Lodge which time shall not be later than one hour after sunset. The ticket is not to be used on more than 35 days. If any Member shall have fished more than 35 days before the close of the Season they shall be permitted to continue to fish by the purchase of Day Tickets at a reduced rate.

(b) The hire of a boat in accordance with Rule 3(g) and the privilege of booking a boat not more than seventy-two hours in advance.

2. Day Ticket Holder:
From 8.00 a.m. onwards

(a) Can obtain a non-transferable day ticket at the Fishing Lodge from the Bailiff or in his absence by using the self-vending arrangements at the Fishing Lodge. The amount payable will be displayed.

(b) Is entitled to fish from the bank during the times and in accordance with the Rules, which may from time to time be displayed in the Fishing Lodge.

(c) On payment of the daily charge which will be displayed at the Fishing Lodge, may have the use of any Club boat which may be disengaged and may book such boat up to forty-eight hours in advance on the day on which it is to be used. See Rule 3(g).

3. Applying to all Anglers:
(a) A day's fishing is one day or part thereof.

(b) Anglers fishing or about to fish shall on demand show (and in the case of Day Ticket holders deliver up) their tickets to the Bailiff or other authorised servant of the Company and shall on demand show such tickets to an authorised Representative of the Water Authority, and must submit for the inspection of the Bailiff or other authorised servant of the Company, if required, any fish caught; and (IN ANY CASE) shall enter their name and the numbers and weights of fish (if any) caught, in the Register to be kept for the purpose in the Fishing Lodge.

(c) The number of trout to be taken in one day is limited to six. The length of each trout must not be less than ten inches extreme length from snout to tail. All sizeable trout must be retained, and not returned to the water: and no angler may continue to fish during any day after they have taken the limit of trout of takeable size.

(d) The season will open on the 21st March and close on the 31st October.

(e) No person shall fish other than with one rod and line with artificial fly floating or sunk. Dapping with a blow line is allowed. Casting from a moving boat is permitted, but trolling of flies behind a moving boat is strictly forbidden. Spinning is not allowed. Also threadline fishing involving the use of a controller or weight of any description attached to the line is not permitted. Ledgering on the bottom with sunk lines with static floating flies (booby flies) is not permitted. The line must not be left in the water unattended. Two droppers only in addition to the point fly are permitted.

(f) Wading is permitted except on the dam but only up to the depth of thigh waders. Chest waders are not allowed.

(g) Boats shall be used only if booked through the Bailiff.

By Shareholders up to seven days in advance.

By Members up to seventy-two hours in advance.

By Season Ticket holders and by Day Ticket Holders up to forty-eight hours in advance.

No boat may be booked until the previous booking has expired or has been cancelled.

After 2.00 p. m. all boat bookings not taken up may be re-allocated by the Bailiff.

A Board at the Fishing Lodge will display the allocations for the day. All anglers must ensure that their name is entered on the Board, this particularly applies to latecomers and Day Ticket Holders. Only the correct boat, as allocated by it's number, may be used.

Any boat not allocated on the Fishing Lodge Board may be taken out in the absence of the Bailiff on payment of the required charge, using the self-vending system and placing their name against the boat on the Board.

If a boat is released on completion of fishing substantially before closing time, anglers are requested to rub out their name on the board so that the boat may become available for others.

No person under the age of sixteen years shall take out a boat unless accompanied by an adult.

Boats may be shared by up to two anglers without extra charge.

It is strictly forbidden to bring boats on to the concrete dams or within 50 metres of them.

No boat shall be brought within 50 metres of any bank fisher and no boat shall be nearer than 40 metres to another boat.

Boat anglers will take care not to disturb other boats. Rowing across another boat's drift or direction of fishing is prohibited.

A non-fishing friend or servant may accompany an angler fishing in a boat but the maximum for any boat is three adult persons.

(h) Any person fishing otherwise than in the manner prescribed or committing any breach of these Rules will be treated as a trespasser and may be removed from the Water Authority premises.

(i) All tickets are non-transferable. The Company and the Water Authority jointly reserve the right to cancel or refuse the issue of any Day Tickets.

(j) No person shall interfere with the wild birds or their nests. Feeding of the wild birds is not permitted.

(k) It is strictly forbidden in any way to pollute by urination, defecation or otherwise, or throw any detrimental substance into the waters or the streams feeding the same or on the land within the Water Authority's boundaries or to damage any of the fences or other works belonging to the Company or the Water Authority.

(1) No person shall interfere in any way with the machinery, valves, sluices, drains, banks, or other property or apparatus of the Water Authority.

(m) The use of radios and mobile telephones is prohibited except that the latter may be used in an emergency or well away from the water.

(n) Dogs are strictly forbidden.

(o) Boat seats liable to damage the floor of the boat are prohibited. Studded boots should not be worn.

(p) No litter, especially nylon waste is to be left either in the boats or on the banks or discarded in the water.

4. Observing Rules
The Bailiff or Bailiffs will interpret these rules and from time to time may issue separate verbal instructions to anglers in special circumstances which must be followed by all anglers.

If any Shareholder, Member or Season Ticket Holder, in the opinion of the Directors, fails to observe the above mentioned Rules, the Directors may, at their discretion, withdraw the rights and privileges conferred by such Rules upon such Shareholder, Member, or Season Ticket Holder, either for the remainder of the Season in which such failure occurred or for a greater or lesser period.

5. Membership:
Any Shareholder, Member or Season Ticket Holder desiring to renew their Membership must do so in writing to the Secretary not later than 31st December in any year, after which date the Company cannot guarantee that Membership for the following Season will be available.

General Regulations and Safety Advice

Fish Stocking
On fish stocking days anglers should avoid fishing in the immediate vicinity where inputs of fish are being made.

Electric Outboards
Members and visitors may have the use of their own electric outboard motors if they so wish.

Safety Advice

Bank Anglers
Avoid wading where possible. There may be underwater hazards.

If you have to wade
Use a stake or landing net pole to feel your way.

If you fall in (to deep water)
Your waders can be used as a flotation aid if you bring your knees up to your chin. If your waders fill with water it is surprisingly easy to kick them off. If fishing around particularly deep or dangerous areas wear a flotation aid.

Do you know which areas are particularly dangerous for wading?

Look in the appropriate fishing information leaflet or ask at the Fishing Lodge for further information.

Do not take short cuts across areas of mud exposed by the fall in water level If you do get stuck try to work your way back the way you came.

Casting your line
Look behind - you may be about to injure someone else or you may be close to overhead cables.

Boat Anglers

Buoyancy Aids
We strongly advise you to wear a flotation aid.

If you fall overboard
Try and get out of the water as quickly as possible. Hold on to the boat even if it has capsized. It will act as a life raft and you will be seen more easily.

If someone else falls overboard
If the boat has an engine, stop it when you are close to them and row. Remember when you are near enough it may be quicker to pass them the end of the oar. If you need to throw them a rope - detach the anchor rope from the boat if it has one, and throw the free end.

How to get back in the boat
If the boat is not full of water it is possible to get back in - BUT... always attempt re-entry at the front or back of the boat not the middle. You will find it easier to get back in if you make a short loop of stirrup (about 2 feet long) from the rope fitted to the boat. Make sure the rope is tied to the boat and drop the loop over the side. You can then put your foot in the loop and heave yourself back into the boat fairly easily. It is easier to do this if you have assistance from within the boat but you can also do it on your own.

Keep warm
If you have fallen in make sure you keep warm once you are out of the water. Reduce heat loss as you come ashore by putting on any spare clothing. It is easy to suffer from exposure if you are wet in a cold wind.

Studded boots
Don't wear them - you could slip in glass fibre boats.

It weather conditions deteriorate suddenly
Make for the nearest bank or sheltered water and wait for conditions to improve or walk back. Do not take chances.

Standing up in the boat
Fishing from a standing position in a boat is unsafe and should be avoided. Two anglers standing up fishing is even more hazardous. You'll catch just as many fish sitting down and live to tell the tale.

Alcoholic drinks
Alcohol and fishing is a dangerous combination. Enjoy a drink but don't let it impair your judgement. Better still - only have a drink after you have been fishing - but not if you have to drive.

If you see anyone in difficulty
Find out what is wrong and help if you can but don't put your own safety at risk. Report it to someone who can help or the emergency services as soon as possible.

Protect your eyes
If possible, wear sunglasses to prevent possible injury by flying hooks when casting.

This is prohibited. Even on a hot day the water in a reservoir is very cold and this could kill very quickly.

Copyright Hastings Fly Fishers Club Limited