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The Powdermill fishing lodge is located next to the car park at the top of the reservoir and overlooking the dam. It is an old building with a lot of character and most club members are fond of its 'dilapidated' look and constantly resist attempts to turn it into a 'boutique' residence!

The lodge consists of three rooms and a toilet.

On entering through the outer door, the toilet is immediately in front of you.

To the left is the club room / rest room which has a wood burner, a microwave, and a fridge. There are also facilities to make hot drinks.

To the right is the Weighing-in room. This is where you must also enter your details in the register and obtain your ticket prior to fishing.

You money and ticket stub should be placed in the envelope provided and posted though the letter box in the middle door, between the weighing-in room and the club room.

There is a phone in the Club room but it only receives incoming calls. However, 999 emergency calls can be made using the phone.

Although we have no qualified flyfishing teachers, basic casting tuition for beginners can be arranged, in advance, with the bailiff (Vic Partridge).

Outside, overlooking the reservoir there are three picnic tables.

Powdermill has ramps, paths and a toilet suitable for wheelchair users together with a specially constructed "Wheely" boat with a motor for disabled anglers. Disabled anglers who have difficulty walking the short distance to the jetty can drive over the grass and park adjacent to the jetty, given that ground conditions are suitable.

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