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Trout Recipes

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Marinated Chargrilled Trout With Curry Spices

This recipe was sent in by a Club member who is a hard working local GP and finds that flyfishing at Powdermill is the perfect way to relax and wind-down after a tough day dealing with patients. He discovered this recipe in Vivek Singh's fish book and although it is designed for salmon, he assures me that it works well with trout.

4 x 150g Fillets or Whole trout with diagonal slashes in skin both sides 2cm apart.

First Marinade
1 Teaspooon fresh ginger
1 plump clove garlic
1/2 Teaspoon salt (more if you prefer)
22.5ml Lemon juice (half a large lemon)

Whizzed in mini-processor or pestle and mortar till smooth paste

Second Marinade
100g Greek Yoghurt
30ml mustard seed soaked in 45ml of white wine vinegar and ground to paste next day
OR 30ml Wholegrain Mustard
2.5ml Ground turmeric
5ml Ground white pepper
2.5cm cube ginger finely chopped
2 Green chillies seeded and finely chopped
5ml finely chopped Coriander
10ml finely chopped Dill
15ml Honey
30ml Mustard oil (or Sunflower oil)

Mix first marinade and spread over skin (and cavity if whole fish) leave for 30 minutes

Mix second marinade spread all over fish (and cavity) leave 15mins

Cook over barbeque turning every 3-4 minutes for 10-15 minutes.
Cook on a baking tray lined with foil at 240 C/475 F/ Gas Mark 9
Cook as hot as the oven will go for 10 minutes and finish under hot grill for 3 minutes each side


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