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There are fourteen boats including a "Wheely" boat designed for wheelchair users that has an (electric) outboard motor.

Boats may be booked through the Bailiff up to two days in advance.

Visitors may use their own electric outboard motors.

An anchor is provided for each boat, if a second anchor is required then this must be brought by the user. Drogues may be used if brought by the boat users and drifts are quite practical in suitable winds. Note, all boats drifting broadside to the wind will move in a direction away from their bows which makes it possible to zigzag across the direction of the wind.

When returning a boat to the jetty at the conclusion of fishing please replace the anchor on the bank (after removing any temporary knots that may have been tied) and place the oars inside the boat.

The "Wheely" boat was provided By The Handicapped Anglers Trust. The front ramp allows easy wheelchair access and the boat is powered by an electric outboard motor available from the Bailiff. Access from the car park to the boat jetty is via ramps and paved paths. The toilet in the Club Hut is suitable for use by handicapped anglers.

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